Capabilities (Equipment & Tech Info)


Process Equipment

Littleford 130 liter FV, 100 psig, hot oil
Littleford 1,200 liter FV, tempered water
Littleford 4,200 liter FV, tempered water
Littleford 6,000 liter FV, tempered water
Littleford 10,000 liter FV, tempered water
Littleford 15,000 liter FV, tempered water
200 gallons 316L SS, FV, 75 psig internal
2,000 gallons 316 SS, 50 psig internal
2,000 gallons Pfaudler glass - lined, 100 psig internal
2,500 gallons 316 SS, steam-heating, water cooled internal coils
2,500 gallons 316 SS, steam-heating, water cooled internal coils
3,000 gallons 316 SS, FV, 100 psig internal
3,000 gallons 316 SS, 100 psig internal
4,000 gallons 316 SS, FV, 75 psig internal
4,000 gallons

316 SS, FV, 50 psig internal, hot oil


Auxiliary Equipment and Process Utilities

Centrifuges (36" and 48") Cooling Tower Blend Tanks 5,00 - 6,00 gallons SS
Filters - Sparklers, FSIs Compressed Air - 100 psig Bulk Storage for Flammables
Steam Boilers - 100 psig Nitrogen - Liquid & Membrane Warehousing 50,000 sq. ft,
climate controlled
3 x Wyssmont Dryers Vacuum Systems, including:
2-stage oil pump,
Stokes mechanical pump
Fulton Hot Oil Furnace
Bulk Storage Tanks
3,000 - 20,000 gallons
60 T Toledo Truck Scale - Certified Water Chillers (80 - 100 Tons)


Laboratory & Analytical Equipment

HPLC GC Atomic Absorption
UV Spectrophotometer FTIR Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer
Karl Fisher Flashpoint Brookfield Viscometers
Muffle Furnace Vacuum Ovens Microwave Moisture Analysis
Colorimeters Gardner Color Sieve Analysis


Process Capabilities

DTI is expert at batch organic synthesis and this is complemented with knowledge of key unit operation such as blending, formulation, crystallization and so forth.

Among others, the key chemical reactions undertaken are:

Acetylation Methylation
Amidation Oxidative coupling
Condensation Phosphatation
Esterification Polymerization
Etherification Quaternization
Hydrolysis Sulfonation

Key unit operations include:

Blending Flaking
Centrifugation High Viscosity (up to 1,000,000 cP)
Crystallization Mixing
Drying Milling
Emulsification Sifting
Encapsulation Solvent Recovery