Safety, Health & Security:

It is the policy of DTI, Inc. to conduct its operations in a manner that promotes employee health, safety, and security. The health, safety, and security of our employees are given a top priority in business decisions and plans. As part of our Company's continuing commitment to providing a safe and healthful workplace and pursuant to regulations issued by federal and state Occupational Safety and Health Administrations, DTI adopts and endorses the following policy

  • Safe and healthy work environments will be provided in compliance with applicable job safety and health regulations. Proper planning will be conducted for any new or revised installations, processes, or procedures to assure compliance. Occupational hazards that cannot be eliminated from the workplace will be managed effectively through engineering controls, safe procedures, training, and personal protective equipment as required.
  • Employees will be informed of workplace hazards associated with their jobs and effectively trained in safe work procedures, use of personal protective equipment, proper use of tools and equipment to assure they have the necessary knowledge and demonstrated skills to safely perform the work tasks.
  • A high level of housekeeping will be maintained throughout the DTI facilities. Good housekeeping contributes to the elimination of accidents and fire hazards as well as conserving space, time, material, and effort. Each employee will make an effort to keep their work areas clean and therefore each will benefit by having a clean and safe facility to work.
  • Observed unsafe acts, conditions, and incidents must be corrected immediately, if possible, and reported to management for documentation, investigation and corrective action. Life-threatening conditions or practices representing an immediate danger to the safety and health of any person must be halted and corrected immediately.
  • A secure workplace will be provided by conducting vulnerability assessments aimed at identifying vulnerable assets, threats, and consequences. Then, adequate resources will be provided to implement countermeasures so that risks will be reduced to acceptable levels. Safety is every employee's personal responsibility. It is our collective duty to positively adhere to the principles contained in this policy and comply with the safety rules and procedures that apply to all of us.


DanChem Technologies provides manufacturing services to the Chemical Industry.  Our role as a world-class producer demands total commitment to environmental stewardship.  Our commitment includes: the protection of the environment, including prevention of pollution, and our commitments relevant to the needs and expectations of our interested parties. In order to achieve and sustain this objective, we must adhere to the following principles:

  • DanChem Technologies is recognized industry-wide as an organization committed to the highest standards of environmental regulatory compliance.
  • The environmental aspects of our business have been identified and reviewed to reduce environmental impact and take into consideration both regulatory and customer requirements.  We select suppliers based on their commitment to support our environmental protection and improvement.  We select our customers and projects that will support our work in operational and environmental excellence.
  • DanChem Technologies is committed to continual improvement of our environmental management system and enhancing environmental performance.  We have established programs to manage identified environmental impacts.  These programs have been developed by setting and reviewing environmental objectives and targets and incorporate the principles of continuous improvement and pollution prevention.
  • All DanChem Technologies employees are empowered to act to ensure that they understand their role in environmental programs and work towards operational excellence.
  • The environmental policy will be made available to interested parties upon request.


DTI, Inc. is committed to providing products and manufacturing services that meets customers' requirements and exceeds our customers' expectations:

  • Create a culture that empowers, encourages, and rewards.
  • Partner with our customers to improve service and provide cost effective solutions.
  • Define roles and responsibilities.
  • Provide our employees with the appropriate education and training to ensure the manufacture of the highest quality product.
  • Continually improve the quality management system by establishing quality objectives and measuring and reviewing our performance against those objectives. Customer satisfaction is the measure of our performance as we aspire to be the best in our industry at fulfilling customer expectations.

Customer satisfaction is the measure of our performance, as we aspire to be the best in our industry at fulfilling customer expectations.