Case Study: Specialty Adhesives

Specialty adhesives have seen substantial growth in the past 5 years. This product line requires powerful processing equipment to drive the high viscosity process through its “phase change” from low viscosity to high viscosity, paste or powder and has shown a strong fit with horizontal reactors. DTI has positioned itself with a number of key manufacturers and emerging technologies to provide a unique solution to this growth segment.

Product success in new global markets was driving demand and outpacing current manufacturing capacity.

Increase productivity and efficiency of operations.

Implement Operational Excellence and Lean Manufacturing tools to  drive process optimization and increase capacity.

The DTI Staff:

  • Developed sustainable methods eliminating process waste for long-term yield improvements.
  • Created perfect flight scenarios for comparison with historical data to reduce unnecessary time between processes.
  • Fostered better communication of the project steps and worked cross functionally with client's support staff to streamline project effectiveness. 

Polymerization, Drying, Particle Sizing, Solvent Recovery

Increased daily production by a sustainable 40% with minimal capital investment.