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    DTI is a specialty chemical contract manufacturer working with leading chemical and consumer companies worldwide. DTI recognizes the value of close cooperation and joint innovation, and specializes in finding solutions to difficult chemical problems. As a leading chemical toller we believe in safe plant operations and total client confidentiality.

    High Viscosity

    The synthesis of many chemical products like polymers and adhesives require the ability to blend raw materials, drive reactions, and strip solvents from highly viscous mixtures.  DTI’s suite of LittlefordTM  horizontal reactors creates a platform from which we can provide unique solutions to difficult processing problems.


    Quick to Market

    DTI’s location offers convenient access to the world’s largest chemical market.  We are located within a day’s drive from half of the North American population and most of the chemical processing facilities in the United States.  Furthermore, our flexible environmental permit allows us to introduce new processes with little delay.


    Rapid Response

    Even in tough economies certain companies find success and need to expand rapidly to meet large increases in product sales. The ability to respond can often require the need for a rapid, substantial growth in manufacturing volume. DTI can respond quickly to a market surge or manufacturing disaster. Contingency planning is critical to every business and DTI offers a confidential partnership to ensure success when our clients need it. In the past 3 years most of our clients have completed detailed manufacturing assessments to determine their core manufacturing competencies and DTI has become a strong compliment when the need for additional capacity is needed.

    Product/Process Development

    When every dollar counts, DTI’s pilot processing facilities allow our customers to test and develop processes at a small scale and with high probabilities of success for moving to our larger scale, commercial reactors.  With our experienced engineering and regulatory staff, DTI can quickly move your process from pilot scale to bulk deliveries.


    Productivity Increases

    Increasing plant productivity is a continual challenge for many chemical manufacturers. DTI has used its experience with horizontal reactor technology to turn multistep syntheses into "one-pot" processes, saving its customers considerable time and expense. From plant debottlenecking to capital optimization, DTI is here to help our customers increase their overall plant productivity.

    U.S. Manufacturing

    Offshore manufacturing has proven risky for many manufacturers who strive to protect their technical advantages with trade secrets, enabling a "sweet spot" for US contract manufacturers with unique processing capabilities. DTI has a proven track record with many suppliers of chemical intermediates to provide long-term manufacturing solutions.  Our trained engineering staff and flexible manufacturing facilities enable our customers to develop trusted solutions to their manufacturing problems, from pilot scale to bulk deliveries.

DTI Mission

Working with leading companies worldwide, DTI recognizes the value of close partnerships and joint innovation.

Through total quality, service, and teamwork, DTI is committed to the needs of your business by providing a strong customer support staff dedicated to safe operations, care for the environment, and continuous improvement.

We are currently expanding both our facilities and capabilities to offer rapid font response, flexibility, technical support, and cost efficient manufacturing services.

For more information on the company and its services, refer to DTI's Product Brochure:

DTI Product Brochure

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Introducing DTI Tech Papers

Looking for information on how to manage tolling projects, horizontal reactor technology, or the new standard on combustible dust?  Look no further than DTI’s Tech Papers website page (DTI Tech Papers), which provides answers to common questions related to these topics.

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