Alcohol Ethoxycarboxylate



Features and Benefits of NEODOX™ Alcohol Ethoxycarboxylates

The potential uses of DTI’s NEODOX™ AECs are as wide as your imagination. These high performance surfactants exhibit good foaming ability, wet surfaces rapidly, emulsify oil, exhibit good detergency, have good particle dispersion in water, and are very mild to the skin and eyes. In addition to these generally accepted properties, these products display other characteristics which add substantial versatility such as ease of handling, high temperature stability and compatibility with most ionic classes. Because of the variety of alkoxylate feedstocks readily available, NEODOX™ AECs can be made to meet a variety of formulator needs.

For more information see attached product booklet:

Neodox Booklet

Neodox 23-4 Tech Sheet

Neodox 23-6 Tech Sheet

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