Case Study: Feed Additive

Feed Additives are introduced directly to animals in either the infancy stages or throughout the animal’s life cycle. The market consists primarily of poultry, beef/dairy, swine, and companion animals. Feed additives help animals to grow faster and healthier, which increases meat or milk production yields per animal.

Customer challenged DTI with the need for a large amount of inventory in a short amount of time.

Increase capacity by several million pounds.

Utilized DTI’s years of project management experience and processing know-how. Quickly installed a new 4,000-gallon horizontal reactor to increase production volume.


  • Operators completed classroom and hands-on training for the new equipment.
  • Used Operational Excellence and Lean Manufacturing best-practices to optimize output.

High Viscosity Liquids + Solids Reaction, Drying and Particle Sizing

The DTI Staff:

  • Installed a large reactor within 5 ½ months and increased capacity by nearly eleven million pounds. (300% improvement)
  • The increased production enabled the customer to enter the market 24 months earlier and expanded their internal manufacturing options.