Case Study: Specialty Polymers

The specialty chemical segment presents dynamic situations from time to time for various organizations. DTI’s primary focus since its inception has been to serve the specialty chemicals market. Companies need contingent supply plans for ever demanding manufacturing requirements.

Client’s current operations shut down unexpectedly,  creating  the need for contingency supply to maintain customer supply.

Supply over 30 different specialty products and meet stringent quality fonts standards for seamless supply transition in a few short weeks.

Employ DTI executive focus on project management and expedite project using client’s manufacturing experience.

The DTI Staff:

  • Formed immediate partnership between DTI and client.
  • DTI overhauled an internal reactor train and started production within 6 weeks.

Polymerization, Pelletizing, and Specialized Packaging

DTI met first pass quality standards and transitioned supply chain to seamlessly maintain client’s business continuity.